Flat Fee Management of your property

Residential Property Management for Sunshine Coast Investors

We offer a flat management fee including lease renewal, inspection fees, end of year financial summaries and other types of additional fees associated with normal day-to-day property management.

Why switch to us?

We look after your property as if it’s our own. Offering a premium, personalized service to all our property owners, we are experienced and professional, giving you the confidence that your investment is in safe hands. Our dedicated portfolio manager ensures hands-on representation and prompt communication with all our valued clients, at all times.

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The Rental Process

Presenting your property for lease

If your home is vacant – It is important to present your property at its optimum to ensure its features are displayed at their best. We recommend that you invest some time cleaning, tidying, and spruce up the outdoor spaces is desirable. We have long standing relationships with home stylists, maintenance companies and tradespeople that we regularly work with, who can help at short notice.

If you have vacating tenants, we will work with them to ensure your property is presented well and arrange a suitable time for photography and inspections. If there is a need to do some repairs or maintenance, we would discuss this with you prior.


Did you know that finding a tenant is actually the easy part? That is because the vacancy rate for rental properties on the Sunshine Coast is generally very low. We pride ourselves not on getting a tenant but rather on finding quality tenants.

In order to do this, we use professional photographers, write the copy ourselves, use the best software to qualify potential tenants and meet every prospect in person. We cover the cost of the To Let board as well as the cost of advertising online. You need only pay for the photos and video (if required).

Tenant Selection

Choosing the right tenant is the most important part of property management. Our process utilises the most advanced software to qualify potential tenants. We also require bank statements, payslips and/or financials, personal and prior rental references and most importantly, a face-to-face meeting.

You can tell a lot from a person by looking into their eyes. We also give you (the owner) an opportunity to comment on prospective tenants and make the final decision. Remember, your property manager is part of your investment team, and together we hope to make your investment a great success.

Online Owners Portal

Many of our clients trust us implicitly because we have earned their trust. We understand that communication and transparency are crucial to a successful relationship. We offer transparency by giving every owner access to their rental account 24/7/365.

We also email statements after every rent distribution and give feedback and copies of inspection reports to our clients after every inspection so they know exactly what is happening with their property at any point in time. Through the Owners Portal, you will have access to the current rent balance, 12-month financial activities, jobs, inspections and documents related to the property and the lease.

Routine Inspections

No matter how nice or seemingly responsible, someone is, we all have our weaknesses. Perhaps it’s gardening or perhaps it’s being clumsy or unobservant.

Routine inspections are our opportunity to ensure there are no issues with the property that will lead to further or more severe damage. It also allows us to remind the tenant of their responsibilities and to continue building the relationship with the tenant. We often hear stories of tenants who hate their property managers because of how poorly they have been treated or because of poor communication.

We believe in maintaining relationships with all parties through mutual respect and accountability.


Transferring your investment property to Heart and Sold has never been easier

Once your decision is made, transferring management of your property to Heart and Sold is a simple and smooth process. You can be confident that your Property Manager will contact all parties involved and co-ordinate the transition quickly and respectfully. We will take care of all the paperwork, bond transfers, let the tenants know when and where to make payments etc. Should your property be vacant, it won’t be for long, we are proud to say we are experiencing extremely low vacancy levels and have been for some time.

Would you like us to manage your property?

If you are a new investor wanting us to manage your property or if you are wanting to change to Heart and Sold its easy.