Giving Back

to the community

Giving Back

Giving back to our local community is important to us as a business and as a family. If we each give back a little of what we have received, we not only help our community, we help ourselves, because we live according to the principal: “It is better to give than receive”. Some of the many benefits of giving back are we may develop a sense of purpose beyond our own boundaries, we learn more about our community, and we discover new ideas. Giving back is important because everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Currently, our main community focus is helping families find homes through the registered charity Aus Living Support. A portion of each of sales is donated to help homeless people and families secure a place to live.

Our other focus is supporting the community through the radio channel Salt 106.5 which provides a positive radio environment with lots of support and practical advice to help every local Sunshine Coast family experience a “fresh full life”.

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